Probation Department

The Probation Department is committed to Changing Lives, Reducing Crime, and Restoring Community.

We do this by:

  • Using practices shown to be most effective in helping clients learn skills to overcome obstacles, promote positive behavior, change their thinking, and improve their quality of life.
  • Keeping people out of the justice system who are not dangerous to society, while identifying those who pose a risk to community safety and ensuring they receive needed intervention services and treatment.
  • Collaborating with other organizations to connect clients with services and resources to help them achieve their goals while increasing their capacity to live crime-free. Services offered typically include family and individual therapy, parent education, mentoring, problem-solving skills training, substance abuse treatment, mental health resources, educational/vocational training, employment assistance and transitional housing.
  • Partnering with law enforcement agencies to keep the community safe. We hold individuals accountable for their actions, enforce court orders, monitor conduct in the community, and provide safe and secure detention of delinquent youth.
  • Serving as a neutral arm of the court, providing detailed information and reports to help judges make decisions in criminal cases.
  • Supporting victims – helping them gain financial compensation through victim restitution, access other resources in the community, and ensure their voices are heard in court.

Services during Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

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Probation Department Operations

These are extraordinary times. As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Probation Department has suspended most operations and closed numerous offices. Juvenile Hall is open and remain operational although in-person visits have been suspended at this time. Additional “essential services” include staff support to the Superior Court and Juvenile Court as well as limited in-person contact with Probation staff at the Hall of Justice and Juvenile Justice Center. Please see additional information pertaining to Adult Division and Juvenile Division operations listed below.

Adult Division Operations

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all non-essential functions of the Adult Division are closed. During this time our lobby will only be open to clients who are required to report in-person or for other time-sensitive needs that cannot wait until the closure is lifted. In an effort to limit the potential exposure and spread of the virus, we will be limiting the lobby to two occupants at a time. Other visitors will be asked to wait outside or reschedule their visit. At this time we also ask that you use alternative methods of payment found at, as our ability to process payments in person will be limited. For more information on Adult Division Operations, please call (707) 565-2149. Thank you and be well!

Juvenile Division Operations

The safety of the youth we serve, their families, our staff and the community as whole is of the utmost importance to us. In order to do our part to prevent the spread of the novel corona virus, the Sonoma County Juvenile Hall and Probation Camp have suspended contact family visits effective immediately. During the cancelation, both facilities will be devising plans to ensure residents maintain verbal contact with their families. In addition, the Probation Camp has canceled all community events including furloughs. Furthermore, both facilities have canceled all volunteer and program provider visits and in person education services, but will continue to provide medical and behavioral health services at this time.

For Probation youth in the community, all programs that require youth participation have also been suspended. Certain services may be maintained via telephone contact. All non-essential functions of the Juvenile Division are closed. For additional information you may reach out to any of the Juvenile Divisions using the phone numbers posted on the website.

Operaciones del Departamento De Probacion

Son tiempos extraordinarios. En respuesta a la pandemia de COVID-19, el Departamento de Libertad Condicional suspendió la mayoría de las operaciones y cerró numerosas oficinas. La División de Menores está abierta y sigue en funcionamiento, aunque las visitas en persona se han suspendido durante este tiempo. Otros "servicios esenciales" incluyen el apoyo del personal al Tribunal Superior y el Tribunal de Menores, así como un contacto limitado en persona con el personal de Libertad Condicional en el Salón de Justicia y el Centro de Justicia de Menores. Consulte la información adicional relacionada con las operaciones de la División de adultos y la División de Menores.

La Division de Adultos

En respuesta a la pandemia Covid-19, todas las funciones en La Division de Adultos estarán cerradas de Marzo 17 hasta 4 de mayo de 2020. Durante este tiempo nuestro vestÍbulo estará abierto solamente para clientes que es necesario que se reporten en persona en tiempo sensible y para otras actividades que no se pueden esparar hasta que el departamento este abierto. Estamos haciendo un esfuerzo de limitar la potencial de exposición al virus, vamos a limitar el vestibulo a dos clients al tiempo. A Otros visitantes les pediremos que esperen afuera o que cambien la fecha de su cita. En este momento les pediremos que usen maneras alternativas para hacer pagos que pueden encontralos en esta pagina, como nuestra abilidad de tomar pagos en persona sera limitada. Para mas informacion por favor llame La Division de Adultos (707) 565-2149. Gracias y cuidense.

La Division de Jóvenes

La seguridad de los jóvenes que servimos, sus familias, nuestro personal y la comunidad en su conjunto es de suma importancia para nosotros. Con el fin de hacer nuestra parte para evitar la distribucion del nuevo virus COVID-19 (Corona), la sala juvenil del Condado de Sonoma y el campamento de Probación han suspendido las visitas familiares con efecto inmediato. Durante la cancelación, ambas instalaciones estarán buscando planes para asegurar que los residentes mantengan un contacto verbal con sus familias. Además, el Campamento de Probación ha cancelado todos los eventos de la comunidad, incluyendo

Para los jóvenes de la comunidad, todos los programas que requieren la participación de los jóvenes también han sido suspendidos. Ciertos servicios pueden ser mantenidos a través de contacto telefónico. Todas las funciones no esenciales de la División Juvenil estarán cerrados hasta el 4 de mayo de 2020. Para

Visiting Juvenile Hall or Probation Camp

During normal operations of our detention facilities, when visiting youth at Juvenile Hall or Probation Camp, we ask that all visitors and program providers follow these guidelines:

Guidelines in English

Guidelines in Spanish

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