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Probation Department

Juvenile Division

Out of Home Services

While the Probation Department prefers not to remove a youth from the care of his/her parents or guardian, there are situations in which no other viable alternative is available. These situations include youth suffering from severe mental health difficulties and those who continue to engage in at-risk and delinquent behavior even after community-based interventions. Without intervention outside of the home, it is feared that the youth may pose a continued risk to himself/herself, family or community. Under these circumstances, the Probation Department may recommend the youth be placed outside of the home and their progress monitored by an assigned Probation Officer.

Juvenile Hall

Short Term Residential Treatment Program Placement

  • Probation Officers are assigned to supervise juvenile clients who are removed from their homes and placed in congregate care and/or residential treatment programs. The youth are typically identified as emotionally disturbed, conduct disordered, mentally ill, severely alcohol/drug addicted or otherwise virtually uncontrollable in advanced stages of delinquency. These Probation Officers work cooperatively with in-state and out-of-state treatment facility providers to ensure that youth placed in their custody continue to progress behaviorally and comply with the Court's orders.