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Sonoma County Communications

Sonoma County Communications

Sonoma County Communications

Sonoma County's Communications Division is responsible for promoting a broad understanding, awareness and recognition of the county's initiatives, accomplishments, policy decisions and overall strategic vision across multiple platforms. 

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SoCo Correspondent

SoCo Chat

SoCo Chat, where we will be discussing all things concerning the County of Sonoma. This is where you will have a chance to hear directly from leaders within our county government, listen in to some in-depth discussions about critical issues facing our community as well as hear a variety of tidbits, tales and historic anecdotes about this wonderful place we call home.

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SoCo Correspondent

SoCo Correspondent

Life is busy. Sign up to receive your monthly electronic issue of the SoCo Correspondent. The SoCo Correspondent provides our community with updated information on critical issues and programs.

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Other County Newsletters

Did you know the County of Sonoma produces more than 20 different newsletters? Find out how you can stay abreast of news from county supervisors and departments.

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Media contact information

Members of the news media may contact the County of Sonoma's Communications Division by: