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Auditor-Controller Treasurer-Tax Collector Department

Rolling grassy hills with mustard flowers blooming in Sonoma County

Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector

Erick Roeser was elected as the Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector of Sonoma County in June 2018 and re-elected in June 2022.

Prior to his election, Mr. Roeser served in the Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector's role by appointment of the County of Sonoma Board of Supervisors following his predecessor's retirement, and before that Mr. Roeser served as the Assistant Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector and as a senior manager directing the activities of several divisions within the office since 2007. 

Mr. Roeser brings long-tenured leadership, experience, stability, and knowledge to the oversight of County finances and the Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector's office.

California Mortgage Relief Program and Property Tax Assistance

$1 billion in mortgage relief funds are now available to California homeowners who have fallen behind on housing payments or property taxes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds do not have to be paid back and the program is free.
The California Mortgage Relief Program is funded by the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act’s Homeowners Assistance Fund. It was designed to provide assistance to qualified homeowners who have fallen behind on their housing payments or property tax payments due to pandemic-related financial hardships. The program is provided to homeowners through the CalHFA Homeowner Relief Corporation.

Please review our California Mortgage Relief Program and Property Tax Assistance page or for more information. 

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