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Property Tax Accounting Division

The Property Tax Accounting Division allocates collected property taxes to the County of Sonoma's various recipient districts, agencies and schools.

Paying Property Taxes

If you are a property owner looking to pay or view your property tax bill, visit the Revenue Accounting division's property tax page.

Where Does Your Property Tax Dollar Go?

Pie Chart Showing How Property Tax Dollars Are Allocated

  • Schools: $518.4 M, 48%
  • Special Districts: $88.8M, 8%
  • Cities: $99.8M, 9%
  • Redevelopment Activities*: $86.0M, 8%
  • County: $292.4M, 27%

FY 2022‐23 distribution amounts shown above represent a 6.3% increase to FY 2021‐22 amounts.

*Pursuant to California Law, redevelopment agencies were established for the purpose of
eliminating blight that hinders private development and growth within a community.
Redevelopment agencies were dissolved through State legislation during FY 2011‐12, but the
Auditor‐Controller is still required to calculate and distribute funding related to redevelopment
activities. Any residual funds that are not expended for redevelopment activities are returned
back to the contributing taxing entities each year.