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Office of Recovery and Resiliency

Recovery Resiliency Framework

Office of Recovery and Resiliency

The Office of Recovery and Resiliency was established in December 2017, creating a team dedicated to focusing on the recovery efforts from the unprecedented wildfires of October 2017.

Since the establishment of the team, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors adopted the Recovery and Resiliency Framework in 2018 which is the guiding framework for the County's efforts to focus on recovery and resiliency. Since the 2017 wildfires, we have experienced many additional disasters including three large wildfires (2019 Kincade, 2020 Walbridge, 2020 Glass), significant flooding (2019 Winter Storms and Floods), and the current pandemic. The team members of the Office of Recovery and Resiliency have been instrumental in supporting the recovery efforts after each new disaster. The community has made tremendous progress with its recovery efforts.

Now that the third anniversary of the 2017 wildfires has passed, the County Administrator has assessed the needs of the community and how the office can best serve the Board of Supervisors. The Office of Recovery & Resiliency has transitioned to be part of the new Policy, Grants, and Special Projects division to focus on the Board’s highest priorities so that the priorities can be implemented across the organization and departments.

Engaging the Whole Community

This short video highlights how the County of Sonoma is engaging the community in recovery and resiliency efforts.

Recovery Updates, Activities, and Progress

The Board of Supervisors have approved the Recovery and Resiliency Framework to serve as a vision and approach for how Sonoma County will recover and emerge more resilient from the October 2017 wildfires.