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Probation Department

Juvenile Division

Keeping Kids In School (KKIS)

The Probation Department leads the Keeping Kids in School Initiative (KKIS), a multi-agency partnership aimed at re-engaging our most disconnected youth to their education.  Serving select students and schools across Sonoma County, KKIS provides individualized case management and schoolwide technical assistance services to increase student attendance and prevent future entry into the juvenile justice system.

Anticipated Program Outcomes

Participant Outcomes

  • Reduce the incidence of school absence and truancy for at risk students in Sonoma County
  • Increase student and parent engagement with school
  • Improve participant educational outcomes
  • Improve functioning of participant families
  • Reduce participant involvement in criminal activity

Community Outcomes

  • Reduce negative impacts upon community that result from chronic absence and truancy
  • Reduce revenue loss for school districts as a result of the student absence
  • Chronic absence/truancy prevention efforts can be sustained

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