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Community Development Commission

Community Development Commission - Public Records Request

This public records request is for the Community Development Commission only

PLEASE NOTE: The Community Development Commission is only able to respond to Public Records Act requests that involve documents possessed by the agency. The agency houses records pertaining to the following: Sonoma County Housing Authority, loan documents associated with rehabilitation and home ownership, monitoring and compliance files related to specific affordable housing projects, funding agreements and labor contracts, department budgets and other financials, etc.

The Community Development Commission does NOT house records related to: zoning information, site plans, building plans, county planning entitlements, building permits, certificates of occupancy, records related to septic systems, records or maps related to location of existing infrastructure or utilities, underground storage tanks, encroachment permits,  hazmat records, cannabis licensure, birth/death certificates, court documents, etc. Please submit these requests to the proper department in order to receive any records of interest.

If you have questions regarding a property that was involved in a specific CDC project, you may submit your request as outlined below. If you are unsure whether or not the Community Development Commission possesses the records you seek, please contact before submitting a formal request. Thank you!

Public Records Act Request (2023)
Public Records Act Request - Spanish (2023)

The California Public Records Act provides public access to certain records maintained by the Sonoma County Community Development Commission. When a person makes a public records request, regardless of whether it is oral or written, the County shall respond in accordance with the provisions of the Act (California Government Code Section 6250 et. seq.) which require a response within 10 days from the receipt of the request.

    You may submit your Public Records Act Request via phone or email. Please provide:

    • Your Name
    • Contact Information (Email, Phone Number, Address, Etc.)
    • A brief description of the records you would like to review (If you know which CDC department houses the records, or if you have a point of contact within CDC, please include that information)

    Once you have compiled the information listed above, please send your email to:

    If you encounter technical issues or do not have access to a computer, you may call in your request to the Community Development Commission at (707) 565-7501. Staff will ensure your request is referred to the proper department.

    Technical Difficulties: Please download and submit the PDF linked above. If the “Submit Request” button does not work, please follow these instructions: Download the form to your computer, fill it out with the appropriate information, and email the completed request to If you are unable to download and complete the form, please call the Community Development Commission at 707-565-7501, or send an email to and indicate which records you would like to review. Please be sure your request includes accurate contact information, and a staff member will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.