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Following a sustained petition in Juvenile Court, the Judge may refer the youth and his/her parents to the Probation Department for preparation of a disposition report. This report includes information about the circumstances surrounding the sustained offense, a statement from the victim, a statement from the youth and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s), information about educational status, any mental health issues that are outstanding or need follow-up, and familial/social history. Also addressed are issues of dependency and involvement with Child Protective Services, any substance abuse problems, and a report of any prior involvement in the Juvenile Justice System.

In the conclusion of the disposition report, the Probation Officer provides a Case Assessment and Service Plan, which summarizes the youth's involvement with the sustained offense, his/her ability and willingness to complete various Probation programs and whether or not the youth, his/her family, or the community may be at risk if the youth were to return home. A recommendation sheet outlining the proposed plan is provided for the Court's consideration. The youth and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) are provided the dispositional report prior to the court hearing.