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Probation Department

CAPIA Bay Region Supervisor of the Year 2023

Juvenile Hall Supervisor Chai Walin, Sonoma County Probation Department

Published: November 15, 2023

Juvenile Hall Supervisor Chai Walin has been recognized by the California Association of Probation Institutions Administrators (CAPIA) as the 2023 Bay Region Supervisor of the Year.  Chai has been an outstanding Juvenile Hall facility supervisor for over 10 years.  In 2021 she began a new role as Program Supervisor where she showed impressive adaptability given her ability to learn, understand, and implement significant changes in Title 15 regulations related to programming, and legislative changes which have resulted in a shift in the population we serve and care for due to implementation of SB 823 and SB 92.  She was able to quickly learn and implement the necessary changes in juvenile case management within our facility and maintained her dedication to the success of the Secure Youth Treatment Facility (SYTF) program. Chai led a team of eight Juvenile Correctional Counselor (JCC) IIIs assigned to programming with confidence and showed full support of the changes in legislation. Frequently, Chai would anticipate and identify issues in implementation of new programming before they arose.

Chai is a role model for staff and is comfortable teaching new and veteran staff necessary skills or new and innovative ways to work with youth. She believes in the work that we do and has led her programming team with confidence and care. Sonoma County is a regional facility for Secure Track youth and Chai is the main point of contact for our contract counties. She has remained the consummate professional and has established critical relationships with our partner counties, ensuring communication is always open and youth are being appropriately served.  Congratulations, Chai!