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Investment and Debt

The Investment and Debt division is responsible for the daily management of the treasury pooled investment, manages the county debt program, and provides services for the employee deferred compensation program.


Deferred Compensation

The ACTTC's Deferred Compensation unit, in collaboration with Nationwide Retirement Services, administers the County's pre-tax savings programs on behalf of County employees. These programs are intended to encourage employees to save additional funds for retirement. Employees may have two or three different accounts and employees may access their accounts in person at our office or on line by visiting Our Deferred Compensation page has additional details, contact information, workshops and forms available for review.

Treasury Oversight Committee

A Committee appointed to review and monitor the County investment policy and call for an annual audit of the county treasury’s compliance with Government Code Article 6 §§27130 through 27137. Please review our Treasury Oversight Committee page for more information or to review past meeting materials. For more details about the committee including authority, vacancies, duties, membership composition, compensations and terms please review the Treasury Oversight Committee page on the County's Boards and Commissions Catalog.

*If you are a broker or dealer interested in doing business with Sonoma County's Investment Division, please visit our Broker/Dealer Information page and complete the Due Diligence Questionnaire.


Sonoma County Securitization Corporation (SoCo Corp)

This organization is a non-profit public benefit corporation organized to provide financial assistance to the County of Sonoma and other local agencies governed by the Board of Supervisors. The latest meeting agenda is available for review.

California Counties Tobacco Securitization Agency JPA

The California Counties Tobacco Securitization Corporation is a Joint Powers Authority formed to provide for the exercise of powers common to each Member, including, but not limited to, the power to insure, hedge or otherwise manage the risk associated with the receipt of MSA Payments and to fund social programs deemed necessary to meet the social needs of the population of the Member, by creating the Agency and empowering it to issue Bonds secured by the MSA Payment of one or more Members, the proceeds of which bonds will be used directly or indirectly to purchase all or a portion of the MSA Payments from a Member or Members.

Please review the latest Annual Meeting for more information.