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Probation Department


Listed on this page are various agency policies, inclusive of practices and operating procedures. This page is responsive to SB 978 and is currently under construction. Please continue to check back for updates.

Access to Voter Registration  (PDF: 105 kB)

Active Shooter or Terrorist Attack (PDF: 98 kB)

Administrative Responsibilities (PDF: 119 kB)

Arming Policy (PDF: 638 kB)

Classification (PDF: 132 kB)

Code of Conduct Policy (PDF: 332 kB)

Court Visitation Roles and Responsibilities (PDF: 136 kB)

Critical Incident Policy (PDF: 326 kB)

Departmental Restitution Policy (PDF: 122 kB)

Deputy Probation Officer Roles & Responsibilities (PDF: 210 kB)

Detention Risk Assessment Policy (PDF: 144 kB)

Facility Searches (PDF: 98 kB)

Field Restriction (FR) (PDF: 108 kB)

Hostage Situation (PDF: 96 kB)

Incompatible Activities Policy (PDF: 185 kB)

Juvenile Behavior Response System Policy  (PDF: 202 kB)

Juvenile Case Management Policy (PDF: 455 kB)

Juvenile Case Review Audit Policy (PDF: 159 kB)

Key Control (PDF: 104 kB)

NARCAN Policy (PDF:154 kB)

Perimeter Checks (PDF: 100 kB)

Placement Fatality/Near Fatality Policy (PDF: 194 kB)

Policy and Procedure Manual (PDF: 117)

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) (PDF: 409 kB)

Psychotropic Medication Policy (PDF: 321 kB)

Public Lobby Operations (PDF: 114 kB)

Responding to CSEC Policy (PDF: 144 kB)

School Program Policy (PDF: 238 kB)

Sealing of Juvenile Records Policy (PDF: 259 kB)

Security Team Roles and Responsibilities (PDF: 131 kB)

Shift Changes (PDF: 94 kB)

Staff Entrance and Exit (PDF: 103 kB)

Special Management Rooms (SMR) (PDF: 105 kB)

Touchscreen Operations (PDF: 103 kB)

Vehicle Sallyport Operations (VSP) (PDF: 103 kB)