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Probation Department

Juvenile Division

Supervision Services

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The Sonoma County Probation Department provides a variety of supervision services. All of these services are designed to address the particular needs of our clients and their families, with care taken to ensure that they receive the type and level of supervision appropriate to maximize their success, while maintaining public safety.

When assigned to a regular supervision caseload, a youth and parent/guardian can expect support from the Probation Department in facilitating particular Court orders regarding community service work, substance abuse counseling or other counseling as directed. The Probation Officer provides general supervision by making home and school visits. Should the youth fail to comply with Court orders, a supervision Officer can opt to issue consequences informally, in the form of Weekend Work Crew assignments or referrals to treatment programs. The Officer may also choose to place the youth in detention if it is believed that he/she is a danger to self or others.

Specialty supervision services include gang, wraparound, sex offender, mental health court, and placement caseloads.