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Probation Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Adult Probation Handbook

The Adult Probation Handbook is designed to help individuals be successful while on community supervision, by answering some commonly asked questions and providing information on what to expect. It is available in both English and Spanish.

Juvenile Probation Handbook

The Juvenile Probation Handbook is a resource for families and youth involved in the Juvenile Justice System. It includes an overview of Juvenile Probation and the court process, and answers some commonly asked questions. It is available in both English and Spanish.

Contact info for Chemical testing: (707) 565-2520

Adult Probation

Where are the Probation Offices located?

Do I have a probation officer if I am on a grant of conditional sentence?

How do I report someone on probation?

I have been convicted of a felony, can I vote?

When will I be assigned a probation officer?

Will my probation officer share information about my case with my family? Employer? Spouse?

Can I travel out of state while on probation?

What happens if I violate my terms and conditions?

Can I get off probation before the expiration date?

What is Probation?

What is the difference between Probation and Parole?

What does the Probation Department do to protect the community from the adult offender?

How do I schedule an appointment for an interview regarding the pre-sentence report?

How will I be notified of future court dates?

I am a protected person because of a Restraining Order. What do I do if I have been contacted by the restrained party?

Can I move out of the county, state or country?

What happens if I cannot pay my court ordered restitution, fines and fees?

Can I convert the money I owe to jail time or community service work (CSW)?

How do I clear a warrant?

Supervised Adult Crews

What is Supervised Adult Crews?

What kind of work would I have to do?

What kind of projects has SAC done?

Are there SAC inmate offenders working in my local parks or community?

Do I have to work the entire sentence in straight days with no breaks?

Do I have to take the SAC time? Or can I just go to jail?

How can the County justify the use of offender labor for County work projects?

How long is the SAC workday?

How can I get on a SAC crew?

Do I have to provide my own lunch, tools, transportation?

How could I hire a SAC crew to work for me?

Juvenile Probation

What if my child is arrested?

What if my child is issued a citation to appear?

What if I have a court date scheduled, but I cannot make it?

What happens if my child is convicted of a crime?

When will a Probation Officer contact me?

What if I don't know the name of my child's assigned Probation Officer?

What are alternatives to incarceration?

What if my child is on probation, and I suspect he/she is violating the Court order?

How long does probation last?

Are there programs I can participate in to help with the rehabilitative process?

Juvenile Hall

When can I visit a youth?

How can I donate a book?

What company do you use for collect calls?

How do I speak with a Nurse in Juvenile Hall?

How do I contact Electronic Monitoring?

How can I write to a youth and what can be accepted through the mail?

How do I contact someone about records?

Can I call and have a message delivered to my son/daughter?

Can I put money on the books for a youth?

Can I bail my son/daughter out?

My child was booked and released, now what?

Probation Camp

Who operates the Camp program?

How and when is a youth sent to the Camp Program?

What is the duration of the Camp program?

What is the age of the population served by the program?

What is the focus of the Camp Program?

What products and services does Camp provide?

Does Probation Camp give donations or discounts?

Can I call and have a message delivered to my son/daughter?

Can I put money on the books for a youth?

Can I bail my son/daughter out?

My child was booked and released, now what?