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Immigration Status Doesn't Matter

Starting January 1, 2024, more people will be eligible for full Medi-Cal benefits. If you are 26-49, live in CA, and meet income requirements, you are eligible for coverage! Applying for or using Medi-Cal will not affect your immigration status.

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A partir del 1 de enero de 2024, más personas serán elegibles para recibir los beneficios completos de Medi-Cal. Si tiene entre 26 y 49 años, vive en CA y cumple con los requisitos de ingresos, ¡es elegible para recibir cobertura! Solicitar o utilizar Medi-Cal no afectará su estatus migratorio. ¡Y no es carga publica!

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The goal of our home visiting programs is to improve the health of women, children and their families.

We help our clients get health insurance, establish a medical home and connect with other community resources, including WIC, counseling, legal and other support services.

Our client education services focus on promoting healthy lifestyle choices and nurturing parenting skills.

Sonoma County Home Visiting Programs

You can make a referral to any of our Home Visiting Programs by completing the Referral Form here. We will let you know which program best meets the needs of the client referred.

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Trauma Informed Approach Field Nursing (TIA PHN) 

Trauma Informed Approach in Public Health Nursing logo 133Are you pregnant? Parenting a child under 5? You may be eligible for the TIA PHN home visiting program! This program will partner you with a nurse for home visits (or visits at a location you choose). TIA PHNs are nurses trained to work with parents and caregivers who have experienced trauma. Trauma can include physical challenges (illness, altered ability, birth trauma), mental health challenges, substance use, CPS involvement, justice system involvement, or experiences of racism, inequity or physical or emotional abuse.

Learn more about TIA PHN
Health professionals learn more about TIA PHN program 
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Nurse Family Partnership (NFP)

Nurse Family Partnership logo

NFP is a nurse home visiting program that empowers first time moms to transform their lives and create better futures for themselves and their babies. Nurses partner with women during the first or second trimester of pregnancy, and home visits are available to the family until the child's second birthday. Women learn about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and child development and nutrition. Nurses support families to improve their health, education, and economic self-sufficiency. Parents receive a certificate of completion on graduation.

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Teen Parent Connections (TPC)

Teen Parent Connections logoBeing pregnant and parenting when you are a teenager can be frightening and stressful. TPC is a support program created for pregnant and/ or parenting teenagers under 18 years old. Our social workers support our clients to maximize their educational potential and increase self-sufficiency. TPC supports clients to have a healthy pregnancy, access birth control, and meet their educational goals.

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Community Partner Home Visiting Programs

Child Parent Institute logo 133Child Parent Institute

Learn more about the Child Parent Institute

Parenting Education

Learn more about parenting education

CPI offers in-home parenting education for parents who are unable to attend classes or who may want individual attention for a particular parenting or child behavioral challenge.

Parent Mentor Program

Learn more about parent mentor program

Parent Mentors are individuals who have experienced the Child Welfare System first hand and have successfully regained custody of their children. Parent Mentors help to support parents in working towards reunification with their own children. Participation in the Parent Mentor program is voluntary and most parents with open family reunification cases are eligible. The goal of our Parent Mentor Program is to increase successful family reunification and to decrease the length of time preceding reunification in Sonoma County.

Pregnancy and Postpartum services

Learn more about pregnancy and postpartum services

Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or any other stressors, our Perinatal Mood Disorder (PMD) Program is designed to support you through the issues that arise during and after pregnancy, as well as the early years of your child's life. Services are provided by mental health therapists and parent educators in both English and Spanish. 

Early Head Start

Head Start logo 133Learn more about Early Head Start

Early Head Start (EHS) Home Based Programs serve infants and toddlers under the age of 3, and pregnant women. EHS programs provide intensive comprehensive child development and family support services to low-income infants and toddlers and their families, and to pregnant women and their families.  EHS programs are designed to nurture healthy attachments between parent and child (and child and caregiver). Services encompass the full range of a family's needs from pregnancy through a child's third birthday.

Early Learning Institute

Early Learning logo 133Learn more about the Early Learning Institute

Home Visiting program

Learn more about the Early Learning Institute's Home Visiting program

The child and family participate in a developmental evaluation that becomes the bases for activities. The basic principles are that children learn through play, and the family is the first and best teacher of children. Early Intervention Specialists team up with parents to address children’s development in all areas. Families also receive guidance and support about parenting issues and other important concerns.