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Birth Control & Family Planning

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Immigration Status Doesn't Matter

Starting January 1, 2024, more people will be eligible for full Medi-Cal benefits. If you are 26-49, live in CA, and meet income requirements, you are eligible for coverage! Applying for or using Medi-Cal will not affect your immigration status.

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A partir del 1 de enero de 2024, más personas serán elegibles para recibir los beneficios completos de Medi-Cal. Si tiene entre 26 y 49 años, vive en CA y cumple con los requisitos de ingresos, ¡es elegible para recibir cobertura! Solicitar o utilizar Medi-Cal no afectará su estatus migratorio. ¡Y no es carga publica!

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Every woman, and person who may become pregnant, should have the support of a trusted healthcare provider to create a Reproductive Life Plan about when she/they wants to become pregnant and have (or not have) children. Every person should have the support of their doctor for preconception (before you get pregnant) care. Healthy Babies start with Healthy Mamas. 


Family Pact

The California Family Pact Program provides free birth control and other health services to eligible community members. The Family Pact website can help you find the right choice for you! 

Sonoma County Health Clinics can help you sign up for Family Pact. 

Office on women's health

Emergency Contraception can help keep you from getting pregnant if you had sex without using birth control, or if your birth control method did not work.

Planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood offers education about  birth control abortion, and  sexual health and well-being.

Let's Talk Reproductive Health
The Office of the California Surgeon General believes education is the foundation for a healthy reproductive life. Their webpage aims to inform and empower individuals about contraception, abortion and reproductive rights.

California abortion access
California Abortion Access a safe space for you to find abortion information. Learn more, get support, find a provider.

Bedsider logo has information about  birth control,  apps to remind you when to take your pill or change your patch, and amazing articles on things like  "Slightly gross but totally normal stuff that can happen during sex." They can even  help you get your birth control online.

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