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4-5 Departmental/Internal Reorganizations

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Approved: County Administrator
Authority: Human Resources / County Administrator
Revised Date: October 1, 2007

Table of Contents for Performance Evaluations

  1. Purpose
  2. Policy
  3. Responsibilities
  4. Procedures
  5. Format

I. Purpose

To give guidance and direction to Departments in submitting reorganization proposals. This policy pertains to reorganizations under a single department head.  Reorganizations that involve more than one department head or the creation of a new department are beyond the scope of this policy.  This policy is composed of three parts; the definition of a reorganization, the authority for requesting a reorganization, and the review and approval process. 

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II. Policy

  1. A reorganization is any major or significant change in reporting relationships or span of control, or the addition or deletion of position(s) which has current or foreseeable budgetary, service, and/or classification impacts.
    1. A Minor reorganization involves a department making changes to their organizational structure without impacts on classifications of employees or the number of allocated positions. A Minor reorganization may include a change in reporting relationships, but will not involve movements of positions between budgetary divisions. A Minor reorganization requires County Administrator approval. For purposes of complying with this policy, a Minor reorganization is intended to require minimal departmental effort with an email often times being sufficient for notification to the County Administrator.
    2. A Major reorganization occurs when there is a change in the number of allocated positions; any of the proposed changes are likely to lead to a reclassification; or any exchange will result in a position in a higher salary range. The Board of Supervisors must approve any proposed Major reorganization.
  2. For a Major reorganization, a copy of the proposed reorganization must be sent to Human Resources. A recommendation is needed from Human Resources for further approval from the County Administrator or the Board of Supervisors.
  3. Proposed organization should provide flexibility to accommodate growth and changes in services. Management levels and span of control should be clearly defined and displayed.
  4. Normally, reorganizations, as well as reclassifications, should not be submitted as part of the budget request, as there is inadequate time for appropriate review during this period.

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III. Responsibilities

A Department Head is the person responsible for requesting a reorganization. The department head is responsible for providing the County Administrator and the Human Resources Director with a complete reorganization request, providing any additional information requested, and for preparing any necessary agenda item material.

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IV. Procedure

Present the proposed reorganization in the format listed below. Send a copy to the County Administrator’s Office and the Human Resources Director. If Board approval is necessary, the department will prepare a Board Agenda Item in consultation with Human Resources and their department’s assigned CAO Analyst.

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V. Format

  1. Narrative explanation and/or justification for each of the following elements:
    1. * Problem(s) with current organization structure.
    2. * How will proposed reorganization resolve the problem(s) or take advantage of an opportunity?
    3. * Any legal implications?
    4. * What are the changes from existing to proposed structure, by position(additions, reclassifications, new classifications, new management positions, etc.)?
    5. Identify basis of structure (i.e. geographic, clientele, service type, etc.).
    6. Other organization’s structure alternatives considered (at least one other viable alternative).
    7. * Cost impacts – current year, annualized, financing sources.
    8. * Identify any impact on other county departments or advisory bodies.
    9. Survey of comparable counties, if applicable.
    * Minimum requirements for a Minor reorganization.
  2. ** Organization Charts – one current and one proposed, each containing the following:
    1. Entire department and identified divisions or sections.
    2. All allocated permanent positions by Civil Service job titles.
    3. Requested new positions and proposed reclassifications; highlight changes.
    4. Accurately depicted lines of authority/chain of command/span of control.
    5. Position(s) acting in absence of department head.
    ** For Minor reorganizations, organization charts for the affected division(s)/section(s) are required.

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