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8-1 Policy for Investigations of Alleged Inappropriate Activities by Employees (Fraud/Theft/Misuse of County Property)

County Administrator's Office

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Approved: Board of Supervisors              
Authority: County Administrator              
Revised Date: July 27, 2004

What’s on this Page:

  1. Purpose
  2. Policy

I. Purpose

To give County department heads guidance and direction for investigating inappropriate activities, including fraud, theft and misuse of County property by employees. County department heads are responsible for investigations involving these activities. Investigations are to be coordinated with the County Administrator and other affected agencies. Department heads, supervisors and other personnel involved in investigations will receive training on the policies and procedures.

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II. Policy

  1. County department heads are responsible for investigating allegations brought to their attention concerning inappropriate activities by departmental employees. Where applicable, department heads shall file a report with the appropriate law enforcement agency when the activity appears to involve criminal behavior. City law enforcement agencies are to be contacted to report possible criminal activities at County sites and properties within their jurisdictions. Copies of these reports shall be sent to the Sheriff's Department.
  2. The County Administrator is designated as the coordinator for any actions necessary to ensure that the investigation is completed in a timely manner, and that assistance is provided by the appropriate County department and non-county agencies.
  3. The Department Head shall report to the County Administrator, in writing, concerning any investigation requiring assistance from another County department or a non-county agency. The report shall provide the following information:
    1. Background regarding the general nature of the allegations;
    2. Time-frame for conducting the departmental investigation;
    3. Extent to which assistance is being requested from other County departments and non-county agencies;
    4. Plan for completion of the investigation.

    The Department Head is responsible for tracking investigations and providing updates to the County Administrator. All investigative reports and materials are to be delivered to County Counsel to ensure attorney-client privilege.

  4. An ad-hoc committee composed of representatives of the Sheriff's Department, Auditor-Controller, County Personnel, Risk Management, and County Counsel will assist the County Administrator in carrying out this responsibility, and will provide advice and recommendations to the department heads regarding on-investigations. This committee may be convened by either the County Administrator or the Department Head.

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