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Human Resources Department

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2-1 Policy for Submitting Agenda Items

County Administrator's Office

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Approved: County Administrator
Authority: County Clerk / County Administrator
Revised Date: 07/27/2004

  1. Purpose
  2. Policy
  3. Responsibilities

I. Purpose

To clarify departmental responsibilities for the submission of items to be included on the Board of Supervisors' meeting agenda.

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II. Policy

All requests for items to be placed on the agenda of the Board of Supervisors must be submitted to the County Administrator's office per the Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda Item Submittal Instructions. These instructions detail submittal deadlines, number of copies, and specific directions for different requested Board Actions, and comprehensive format instructions.

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III. Responsibilities

  1. The Clerk of the Board is responsible for updating the published instructions, providing periodic training, distributing annual notice of Board meeting dates and providing periodic bulletins on individual Board meeting dates and agenda item submittal deadlines.

  2. The County Administrator's Office is responsible for reviewing all Board Agenda items for accuracy, clarity, completeness, and policy implications in order to develop recommendations.

  3. The Human Resources Department is responsible for preparing and/or reviewing all resolutions involving departmental position allocations.

  4. The Auditor/Controller's Office is responsible for preparing and/or reviewing all resolutions involving appropriation transfers or other budgetary adjustments.

  5. County Counsel is responsible for reviewing all proposed ordinances, code amendments, contracts, and other legal agreements and documentation.

  6. Departments

    1. The requesting departments are responsible for obtaining review and approvals from necessary departments (i.e. Human Resources, Auditor's Office, County Counsel, and/or the County Administrator) on any applicable agenda item prior to the final deadline in the County Administrator's office.

      1. These departments may require adequate time to examine and to prepare response; therefore, the requesting department has the responsibility to meet the individual department's deadlines in addition to those above.

    2. Requesting departments are also responsible for informing any other affected departments and making any modifications to the Agenda Item requested by the County Administrator's Office.

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