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9-5 Policy for Information Technology Governance

Information Systems Department

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Approved: County Administrative Officer
: Information Systems/County Administrator
Origination Date
: March 17, 2011

  1. Purpose
  2. Scope
  3. Policy
  4. Responsibilities
  5. Related Documents
  6. Revision History

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I. Purpose

Information Technology (IT) Governance is a set of rules and criteria that form a process to guide how the County cooperates to manage technology.

This policy promotes the effective and efficient use of Information Technology by establishing an IT Governance framework that aligns IT services and resources with County business needs, and maximizes the value of IT investments.

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II. Scope

This policy applies to all County of Sonoma Departments and Local Agencies.

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III. Policy

A Countywide IT Governance framework shall be established with the purpose of:

  1. Governing the County’s strategic IT investments;

  2. Assuring the business transformation results of those investments;

  3. Approving Countywide IT policies and standards;

  4. Determining the balance of IT centralization and de-centralization;

  5. Assuring that overall IT cost efficiencies are maintained on a Countywide basis;

  6. Recognizing and cost effectively mitigating risk to Countywide information and information systems; and

  7. Ensuring compliance with applicable State and Federal regulations as pertains to the privacy and security of information.

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IV. Responsibilities

  1. The County Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible for:

    1. Overseeing enterprise wide IT Governance activity and

    2. Resolving executive level IT Governance disputes.

  2. The Information Systems Director is responsible for:

    1. Acting as Countywide Chief Information Officer (CIO);

    2. Acting as Countywide Chief Information Security Officer (CISO);

    3. Developing Countywide IT policies, procedures, standards and guidelines;

    4. Developing the Countywide IT Strategic Plan;

    5. Providing Countywide IT support services;

    6. Reporting upon risk to and vulnerabilities in Countywide information and information systems;

    7. Implementing and coordinating the establishment of an executive-level IT governance council and supporting committees and

    8. Assisting in interdepartmental and interagency IT coordination, cooperation and collaboration.

  3. Department Heads/Local Agency General Managers are responsible for:

    1. Ensuring Department/Local Agency compliance with IT Countywide policies and procedures;

    2. Articulating business requirements for the Countywide IT strategic plan;

    3. Implementing the departmental portion of the Countywide IT strategic plan and

    4. Participating on the executive-level IT governance council as needed.

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V. Related Documents

  • IT Governance Council Charter
  • IT Governance Council Operating Guidelines

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VI. Revision History

Version 1.0 dated 3/17/2011; chapter/section: all; details: New policy entitled "IT Governance Policy"

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