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Timesaver-thumbnailThe TimeSaver (time-and-attendance) system is for the exclusive use of authorized Sonoma County Government Employees within County Government Only. Any unauthorized access through this system will be prosecuted under applicable laws.

Please note: to use this system your department/section must be active on the system and you should have an established TimeSaver account with valid password. If you have any questions regarding authorized access to this service, please contact your supervisor.

Timesaver Browser Download

Harmon Browser for TimeSaver

Adobe Flash technology has an end of life as of December 31st 2020. As such, until we upgrade our current version of TimeSaver, the Harmon Browser will need to be used for TimeSaver access. Traditional browser access will no longer work.

If you are trying to gain access from a County computer, confirm that you have the Timesaver 2020 application on your desktop or your Windows start menu. If you don’t see the application in either location, please contact the ISD service desk.

If you are using a personal computer at home, please follow the below “Download and Installation steps”. Currently only Windows or MAC OS are supported, and you will need administrator rights to run the installation.

Download and Installation steps:

  1. Open the downloaded zip file and select the file inside for installation. 
  2. Select “Install for all users of this machine” and follow the prompts until installation is complete.
  3. From the start menu you should now have a folder called “County of Sonoma” and inside you should see the “TimeSaver 2020” icon. 
  4. For Apple computers, after the download, click on zip file and install the .PKG file within. You can find the newly installed file in the Applications folder.
  5. Please login to TimeSaver 2020 with your regular TimeSaver user ID and password.

If you have any problems with the installation please email  ISD-ServiceDesk@sonoma-county.org.   

Zip files for Download

Windows Download (ZIP 88.4 MB)
Mac Download (ZIP 87.9 MB) 

Access to Your Timecard

There are approximately 5,000 employees utilizing the timekeeping system to enter daily time. There are a few things to keep in mind as you utilize the system.

  1. To log onto the system you will utilize your five digit employee number and a current password.
  2. Best practice dictates that your password should be changed every 90 days. We recommend you do so at the time you are prompted to change your Windows password.
  3. If you attempt to log onto the system more than three times unsuccessfully, the system will lock you out. If this happens, to unlock your account, call the ISD Service Desk at x2030. Or if you wait 90 minutes the system will allow you to attempt to log in again.
  4. For training tools, please visit Timesaver Training Resources

TimeSaver Support

For all issues and support, please contact the ISD Service Desk for assistance.

About TimeSaver

The TimeSaver System will support real-time processing of all transactions related to the County's time and attendance data collection including:

Time Collection: Most County employees have access to the TimeSaver system on the web. Those without access to a computer or kiosk have designated time-keepers or payroll clerks to enter their time data. Employees access the system, based upon their security rating, through either the Internet or the County Intranet. All data interfaces directly with the County’s payroll system, thus eliminating the need for payroll clerks to compile, correct, summarize and manually key time transactions for most employees every other week!

Cost Accounting: The system allows County employees to enter labor distribution information (project, activity, task, etc.) in combination with time and attendance information. This provides a foundation for county-wide cost accounting.

Scheduling: Schedules for each employee are maintained in the system, and serve as a basis for applying the correct pay rules and pay codes.

Reporting: The system provides real-time employee reports (time, attendance, earnings, leave balances, etc.), as well as departmental reports (electronic and paper).


Efficient time-entry systems are the bedrock of successful cost accounting. Knowing how much time is spent on each task is critically important when estimating costs for programs, and when producing invoices for the County’s customers.

TimeSaver allows the County to support flex schedules, and facilitates on-line supervisor review and sign-offs. This system allows the County to produce information about hours worked by task, by multiple pay periods, and across many departments and divisions.

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