County Administrator's Office

Administrative Policy Manual

Table of Contents

0-0 Preface

1-0 General Administration & Organization

1-1 Advisory Body Roles and Relationships

1-2 Policy for Providing County Support of Grant Applications from Outside Agencies

2-0 Board of Supervisors’ Meetings

2-1 Submitting Agenda Items

2-2 Department Representation at Board Meetings

2-3 Board Chambers Security

3-0 Budget & Fiscal

3-1 Appropriation Transfers

3-2 Travel and Meal Reimbursements

3-3 Interdepartmental Billings for Services

3-4 - Memberships and Use of Public Funds

4-0 Human Resources

4-1 Performance Evaluations

4-2 Position Allocation List

4-3 Position Reclassifications

4-4 Equal Opportunity Employment and Affirmative Action Administration

4-5 Internal/Departmental Reorganizations

4-6 Policy for Hiring/Retaining Personnel Services in EMP or Ind. Contractor Status - See Civil Service Rules

4-7 Flexible Merit Increases for Unrepresented Employees

4-8 Advanced Salary Step Appointments

4-9 Policy for Relocation Expense Assistance and Paid Leave Advancement Incentives for Management and Unrepresented Positions

4-10 Medical Leave Policy

4-11 Pre-Employment/Pre-Placement Screening Policy

5-0 Vehicle & Facilities

5-1 Vehicle Use

5-2 Policy for Capital Project and Asset Responsibility

5-3 Public Art Policy

6-0 Legal & Liability

6-1 Records Retention, Storage and Destruction

6-2 Incompatible Activities Policy

6-3 Temporary Transitional Duty Policy

6-4 Safety Management Policy

6-5 Identity Theft Prevention Program

7-0 Purchasing

7-1 Purchasing

7-2 Real Property Acquisitions

8-0 Ethics & Conduct

8-1 Investigations of Alleged Inappropriate Activities by Employees (Fraud/ Theft/ Misuse of County Property)

8-2 Reasonable Suspicion Policy 

8-3 Safety and Security for Employees

8-4 Policy for Receipt and Distribution of Tickets or Passes

9-0 Information Systems

9-1 Policy for Official Use of Social Media Sites

9-2 Information Technology Use and Security Policy Manual

9-3 Website Accessibility Policy

9-4 Information Technology Professionals Policy Manual
(PDF: 310 kB)

9-5 Policy for Information Technology Governance

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