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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a mobile food facility?

What is a permit to operate?

Do I need a permit to operate any kind of mobile food facility?

I am only selling drinks (e.g., coffee, tea, hot chocolate), do I still need a permit?

How do I get a permit?

Do I need other permits as well?

Where can I operate my mobile food facility in Sonoma County?

How much does a permit cost?

I already have a permit for one truck. Do I need a separate permit if I want to operate a second truck with the same menu?

Can I consult with Environmental Health staff before I embark on my new MFF business?

I want to barbeque. What am I allowed to do?

I want to design a custom food truck. What basics do I need to consider?

I am considering buying an older/used truck from someone who was in business before. Will I need to make modifications?

I understand that restaurant operators in California need a certificate in food safety. Do I need a certificate to run an MFF?

Do my workers need any special certifications?

Do I need my own handwashing facilities - even if I am right next to the public restrooms?

What is a commissary?

What is a commercial kitchen?

What inspection will Environmental Health conduct on my truck/cart?

Can I sell at a Farmer's Market?

Where is your office located?

Where can I research the answers to any other questions I have?