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Food Safety Manager Certification

Who Needs a Food Safety Manager Certification?

Most food facilities are required to have at least one person, an owner or designated employee, who has passed an approved food safety certification exam. Most of the other facility employees are required to have a California Food Handler Card.

New food facilities have 60 days after opening day to obtain certification. Certification is valid for five (5) years from the date of issuance.

Class Providers

Certificates are granted to those who pass the food safety manager certification exam.

We strongly recommend that you take a food safety manager certification class, but the class is not required.

Classes and exams are available from these providers and are approved by the American National Standards Institute and Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP):

The Department of Health Services makes no assumption of quality and makes no warranties regarding businesses appearing on this list. This list is simply a public listing provided for customer convenience, and is not a recommendation or endorsement by the Department.