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Exhaust Hood Diagram Guidelines and Worksheet


Your food facility drawing should include detailed information about all exhaust hoods installed over equipment that produces heat, gases, smoke, or vapors in the facility. For each exhaust hood, please include:

    • Exhaust hood worksheet
    • Plan view , including:
      • Outline of hood over cooking equipment
      • Clearances around equipment and to walls
      • Exhaust and make-up air ducts
      • Exhaust and make-up fans on roof
      • Make-up air diffusers on ceiling
      • Make and model numbers of equipment and fans
      • All dimensions of equipment and ducts
    • Exhaust hood type specifications , including:
      • Type and gauge of metal used in hood and ducts
      • Type I, Type II, UL Listed, non-canopy, compensating, etc.
      • Name, address and phone number of facility and hood designer
      • UL Listing card for hood system (if applicable)
    •   Manufacturer's specification sheets for:
      • Cooking equipment
      • Exhaust fan
      • Make-up air fan
    • Front and side elevations , including:
      • Cooking equipment
      • Hood overhang
      • Duct elbows and fans

Example of Elevations

Exhaust hood plan elevation diagram

Note: Exhaust hoods must conform to the Uniform Mechanical Code, Chapter 5, Part 2.