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Easy Steps for Healthy Food Service

Wash your Hands

Thoroughly wash your hands and fore arms using warm water with single service soap & drying with single service paper towels before handling foods or food utensils, after entering the food service/prep area, after handling non-food surfaces or touching yourself or clothing.

Keep Cold Foods Below 41F

Check food temperatures in refrigeration units or ice baths on a routine basis to assure all potentially hazardous foods (perishable foods) are at safe storage/holding temperatures.

Keep Hot Foods Above 135F

Check food temperatures in steam tables or in hot holding units on a routine basis to assure temperatures are being maintained at a safe holding temperature.

Minimize Hand to Food Contact

Use utensils whenever possible for handling of ready-to-eat foods, including condiments/garnishes. Using pasta tongs for safe food prep (shredded lettuce) is safer than using your hands.

Don’t Work If You Are Ill

Report all illnesses to your supervisors and do not handle foods or utensils when ill!

Don’t Smoke, Eat or Drink While

Absolutely no smoking, drinking or eating is permitted in any On the Job work areas where food is stored, prepared or served. Such action provides for hand to mouth contact and an increased opportunity to unintentionally contaminate food.

Wear Clean Clothing

Wearing clean uniforms, aprons and using clean hot pads/gloves decreases the chance of indirectly contaminating your customers’ food. Note that aprons are for protecting clothing and not designed for hand wiping.

Keep Service Openings Screened

Minimize the number of flying insects within your booth by keeping service and entrance-opening screens closed when not actively in use.

Use Good Cleaning

Remember, it is easier to keep things clean than to have to do a Sanitizing Practices heavy, thorough cleaning at the end of every day. Be sure to sanitize (100ppm CL) your preparation equipment & surfaces between changing types of foods (such as chicken to pork or beef, or meat, to produce or cheeses), and hold your cloth wiping towels in approved sanitizer solutions.

Wear Hair Restraints

Wear hair restraints when working with long hair that hangs down over the food. Don’t forget that long beards require restraining just as long hair does.