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Floor Plan and Lighting Guidelines


Employee Clothes Storage

A room, enclosure, or designated area separated from toilets, food storage, food preparation areas and utensil washing areas must be provided where employees may change and store clothes. Facilities with fewer than 10 employees per shift can meet this requirement by providing employee lockers or similar cabinets.


The required floor area of the storeroom shall be determined as 25% of the kitchen area or one square foot per seat, whichever is greater. This area must include cleanable metal shelves.


Shelves must allow for six inch of clear space between the floor and the bottom shelf.



Shatterproof shields are required on lights above food preparation areas, utensil washing areas, and where open food is stored. At least 50 foot candles of lighting intensity shall be provided in areas where employees are working with food, or working with utensils or equipment. At least 20 foot candles of lighting intensity shall be provided where food is provided for consumer self-service or where fresh produce is prepared.

Refuse Enclosure

A dumpster pad and enclosure are required in accordance with local building department standards.

Walk-in Refrigeration/Freezer Units

Walk-in refrigeration and freezer units must open directly into the food facility. Refrigeration units constructed outside of facility must attach and open directly into the food facility. Walk-in units shall not be detached or located remotely from the facility.