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Minor Upgrades

Avoid possible delays!

Contact your local building department for any building, construction, and fire system requirements when you begin the food facility operating permit application process.

    Before You Start

    As part of the food facility operating permit application process, your food inspector has determined that your facility needs to complete the minor upgrades permitting process. These are the steps to take to complete the process and submit your permit application.

    Step 1: Follow Inspector Instructions

    Work with your inspector to identify and remedy any minor upgrades needed. Upon approval, you are ready to apply for your food permit.

    Step 2: Apply for a Food Facility Operating Permit

    Complete the permit application and submit it with the appropriate fee as indicated by the Inspector, by mail or in person to:

    Step 3: Maintain Your Operating Permit

    When a operating permit is issued to a retail food facility in Sonoma County, the initial food facility inspection is performed within 30 days. All retail food facilities are then inspected once or twice per year.