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Food Facility Drawing Requirements


Your food facility drawing should include these elements:

  • Scale: minimum of 1/4 inch = 1 foot.
  • Square footage: include overall square footage, number of seats in dining room, bar and patio/outdoor dining.
  • Site plan: include entire site with proximity to road, driveway, parking, building footprint, other structures/infrastructure and refuse enclosure.
  • Floor plan: include entire facility with each room or area clearly identified, plumbing and electrical layouts, reflected ceiling plan, equipment layout details and equipment elevations, employee clothes storage location, storeroom location, and lighting location.
  • Equipment schedule: table listing all equipment and page referenced on drawing.
  • Finish schedule: table listing all materials and finishes for floors, floor bases, walls, ceiling, shelving and cabinets. Include type of material, surface finish, and brand name.
  • Plumbing diagram: include complete layout with locations and connections of water heaters, toilets, and sinks.
  • Exhaust hood diagram and worksheet (worksheet for custom-made units only)
  • Grease trap/separator: Check with oversight jurisdiction to determine if a grease trap is needed. If it is determined that a grease trap is needed, include diagram with drawing.
  • Sneeze guard diagram: include scale drawing and finish schedule for each sneeze guard.