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Human Resources Department

Service Employees’ International Union - Local 1021 (SEIU)

Negotiations Public Updates:

Published: February 28, 2023

We are grateful for SEIU's professionalism during this round of negotiations. The County has offered substantial economic improvements as part of a fair and competitive labor agreement.  SEIU’s contention that the County is “taking away existing employee benefits” is incomplete. While the County is asking legacy employees to continue and/or marginally increase contributions toward the cost of their future pension benefits, its proposal is part of a comprehensive wage and benefits package that substantially improves terms and conditions of employment for SEIU’s members. Specifically, the County’s offer includes:

  • As part of the County’s compensation philosophy positions identified as being under-the-market average, relative to comparable agencies, will receive market adjustments ranging from 2% to 16% depending on the job classification.
  • In addition to the market adjustments, the County is offering a 12.5 percent wage increase over three years.
  • The County’s offer includes medical insurance contributions increases to offset projected medical plan increases over the term of the labor agreement. Staff estimates most full-time employees will continue to have the option of comprehensive health plans with 100% of premiums paid by the County.
  • A higher rate of per-hour bilingual pay.
  • In addition to the market and wage increases on the table, the County is offering to convert a cash allowance into salary to increase the base hourly rate of pay for extra-help and full-time employees.

Over the course of 15 meetings the County has reached tentative agreement with SEIU on 20 separate items under the labor agreement. The County encourages SEIU’s leadership to focus on the work to be done at the bargaining table and continue to partner with the County in good faith toward reaching agreement on a successor labor contract.