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2019 - 2023 SEIU 1021 Memorandum of Understanding:   Appendix C: Side Letters

Service Employees’ International Union

Appendix C: Side Letters

Side Letter – Water Agency Classification Study

The County of Sonoma (County) and the Service Employees International Union (Union) have agreed to the following:

Within three (3) months of the Board of Supervisors’ adoption of the successor MOU, the County will hire an outside consultant to conduct a classification study. The intent of the classification study will be to determine appropriate job classes for SEIU-represented positions allocated to the Water Agency. The outside consultant will assist the County with analysis regarding salary administration for the positions allocated to the Water Agency, including any need to evaluate new classification salaries and equity adjustments, which shall be consistent with the County’s Compensation Philosophy. The County and SEIU will meet to develop a classification study timeline that will include key deliverables from all involved parties, with the objective of a timeline and completion date of one year from the start of the study. The County will provide SEIU the opportunity to meet and confer over proposed changes in accordance with legal requirements. Recommendations shall be subject to Civil Service Commission, Board of Supervisors, and/or Water Agency Board of Directors’ approval in accordance with County/ Water Agency rules.

For the above listed classification study only, the County will provide the Union with the opportunity to provide input to the consultant at the outset of the study.

For the above listed classification studies only, if a classification study results in the incumbent’s reclassification to a classification allocated to a higher salary scale, the resulting salary adjustment will include at least one salary step equivalent to five percent (5%), in addition to the adjustment provided in Section 8.15.2 of the MOU entitled “Salary – Upon Reclassification – Higher Salary Step.” The resulting total salary adjustment shall not exceed the top step of the salary scale. This agreement shall not set precedent or be used to establish past practice.

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