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Human Resources Department

Service Employees’ International Union - Local 1021 (SEIU)

2018 - 2019 SEIUMemorandum of Understanding:   Article 28: Enactment

Service Employees’ International Union

28 Enactment

The Board of Supervisors will amend its written policies and take other action by resolution or otherwise as may be necessary in order to give full force and effect to provisions of this memorandum. 

County of Sonoma

/s/ Richard Bolanos
Richard Bolanos

/s/ Janie Carduff
Janie Carduff

/s/ Ashley Nolan
Ashley Nolan

/s/ Cheryl Enold
Cheryl Enold

/s/ Hope Marshall
Hope Marshall

/s/ Katie Bone
Katie Bone

/s/ Casi Jewett
Casi Jewett

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SEIU 1021

/s/ Jason Klumb
Jason Klumb

/s/ Diego Santelices
Diego Santelices

/s/ Carolyn Lopez
Carolyn Lopez

/s/ Andre Bercut
Andre Bercut

/s/ Paul Foster
Paul Foster

/s/ Joel Evans-Fudem
Joel Evans-Fudem

/s/ Michael Stanford
Michael Stanford

/s/ Char Mendoza
Char Mendoza

/s/ Buffy Donaldson
Buffy Donaldson

/s/ Eduardo Barragan
Eduardo Barragan

/s/ Gary Gutierrez
Gary Gutierrez

/s/ Tony Esposti
Tony Esposti

/s/ Kit Tiura
Kit Tiura

/s/ Mary Bucher
Mary Bucher

/s/ Rosie Goucher
Rosie Goucher

/s/ Steven Harrison
Steven Harrison

/s/ Tony Walls
Tony Walls

/s/ Bryan Woodard
Bryan Woodard

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(Signed Document on File with Employee Relations)