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State Administrative Fees for Commercial Devices

Published:  May 9, 2021

California Business and Professions Code (BPC) Division 5, Section 12100, charges the Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) with the responsibility of supervising weights and measures activities in California.  Pursuant to BPC Section 12027, the secretary of the Department (CDFA) is granted authority to adopt such regulations as are reasonably necessary to carry out the provisions of BPC Division 5.

The Department’s authority to promulgate this regulation is in BPC Section 12212 requiring the Department to establish in regulation the inspection frequencies of devices used for commercial purposes.

In BPC Section 12241, the Department (CDFA) is required to establish in regulation an annual device administrative fee (administrative fee) for commercial devices registered in each county. 

This fee is charged to the owner/operator of commercial scales, fuel meters, utility submeters and other commercial devices used for buying and/or selling commodities as well as providing a service (taxies).  The administrative fee is charged for each commercial device used to conduct commerce. 

For more information on the recently updated fees, please visit the state website at the following link: www.cdfa.ca.gov/dms/regulations.html

Below is a summary of the recently updated fees.  If you have any questions about these revised state fees, please contact our main office by dialing (707) 565-2371 and ask to speak to the weights and measures supervisor.

 Electric Watt-Hour meter$0.50 $0.10 
 Hydrocarbon Vapor Submeter$0.50 $0.10 
 Water Submeter (Domestic Service)$0.50 $0.10
 Electric Vehicle Fueling Systems/Supply Equipment (EVSE)$2.20 N/A
 Fabric Wire & Cordage Measuring Device$2.20 $1.10 
 Grain Moisture Meter$2.20 $1.10 
 Grease and Lubricant Meter$2.20 $1.10 
 Odometer$2.20 $1.10 
 Retail Meter$2.20 $1.10 
 Retail Motor Fuel Dispenser$2.20 $1.10 
 Retail Water Meter$2.20 $1.10 
 Tank (Liquid Test)$2.20 $1.10 
Taximeter $2.20 $1.10 
 Vehicle-Tank Meter$2.20 $1.10 
 Wholesale Meter$2.20 $1.10 
 Miscellaneous Measuring Device$2.20 $1.10 
 Weighing Device less than 2,000 pounds capacity$2.20 $1.10 
 Hydrogen Gas-Measuring Device$16.00 N/A
 Liquified Gas Meters:$16.00 N/A
     Carbon Dioxide Liquid-Measuring Device (CO2) $16.00 N/A
      Cryogenic Liquid-Measuring Device$16.00 N/A
      Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)$16.00$8.00
 Mass Flow Meters:$16.00 N/A
      Compressed Natural Gas Meter (CNG)$16.00 N/A
      Liquified Natural GAs (LNG)$16.00 N/A 
 Weighing Devices ≥ 2,000 pound but ≤ 10,000 pounds capacity$16.00 $8.00 
 Weighing Devices > 10,000 pounds capacity$24.00 $12.00