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Department of Agriculture, Weights & Measures

Crop Reports

The Agricultural Commissioner is required by State law to annually compile and report crop and livestock statistics, as well as pest exclusion, management, and eradication activities to the Board of Supervisors and the Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. The Sonoma County Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures staff has compiled the annual Crop Report every year since 1928.

2022 Crop Report »

The 2022 report shows a reported value of $796,024,800 a 1.9% decrease from our 2021 value of $811,446,600. This report reflects the gross production values, not the net income or costs of production and marketing.

Separate from the annual crop report, information regarding Cannabis data is attached to the report as additional information related to agricultural activities in our county.

2022 Sonoma County Crop Report Addendum »