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Agricultural Division

Animal Damage Control Program

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The animal damage control program helps alleviate problems that are created when wildlife causes damage to agriculture, urban property, natural resources, or presents a threat to public health or safety. 


Service Providers

Service ProviderPhone #
Animal Pest Control
Primarily does exclusion work from Santa Rosa north to Cloverdale
(707) 478-9530
Bio Care
Bats, birds – pigeons, swallows, seagulls, concentrate primarily on commercial work
(707) 762-2353 or (800) 799-2273
fax (707) 762-2601
Hitmen Termite & Pest Control(707) 526-6055
Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue
A non-profit organization that provides education, advice, and nuisance animal exclusion services.
(707) 992-0276
Siegs Abatement Service
Rats, mice, skunks, bats, opossums, one-way doors, removal of dead animals, etc
(707) 762-7271
The Gopher Guy
Specializes in gopher & mole trapping
(707) 537-1415
(707) 799-6730
Western Exterminator
Exclusionary work only on vertebrates
(707) 575-4636 
(707) 584-7557
Emergency after hours (800) 640-0694
Wildlife Fawn Rescue
(Marjorie Davis)
Aids with injured or stranded deer
(707) 931-4550
Wildlife Pest Management
(Greg Morton)
(888) 409-7378
Western Bat Specialists
(888) 550-2287

Sources for Material

Service Provider Phone #
Harmony Farm Supply
Organic and natural pest control products, including gopher supplies and aviary wire.
(707) 823-9125
Park Avenue Turf
Sells netting for bird control & provides service for installation if needed
(707) 823-8899
Wildlife Control Technology
Sells bat netting for exclusion work including "do-it-yourself" kits
(800) 235-0262
or (550) 490-2262
Western Farm Center
Will rent Traps
(707) 545-0721
21 W 7th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Vineyard Industry Products (Windsor)
Sells bird netting and other products for pest control
(707) 431-1356