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Fish and Wildlife Commission

About The Commission

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The Sonoma County Fish and Wildlife Commission typically meets monthly to consider grant applications, review project status, and conduct regular business. These meetings are open to the public and the public is encouraged to attend.

Promoting Conservation of Fish and Game in Sonoma County

Little River
Little River
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The Sonoma County Fish and Wildlife Commission leverages funds from fines and forfeitures imposed or collected as a result of environmental enforcement actions prosecuted by the District Attorney for violations of the California State Fish and Game Code in Sonoma County. The Sonoma County Fish and Wildlife Commission recommends expenditures for many of the following purposes:
  • Public education relating to the scientific principles of fish and wildlife conservation
  • Temporary emergency treatment and care of injured or orphaned wildlife
  • Breeding, raising, purchasing, or releasing fish or wildlife
  • Improvement of fish and wildlife habitat
  • Construction, maintenance, and operation of public hatchery facilities
  • Purchase and maintenance of material, supplies, or equipment
  • Scientific fish and wildlife research conducted by institutions of higher learning qualified researchers, or governmental agencies
  • Reasonable administrative costs



(Salicornia california)
Photo by Gerald Moore
To be considered for a grant, qualified recipients must submit a grant request form to the Sonoma County Fish and Wildlife Commission. If approved, funds will be dispersed to the recipient for the approved project. See Grants Page for more information regarding the grant program, the grant process, application instructions or to download a copy of the grant request and application.


Scholarship Programs

Annually, the Sonoma County Fish and Wildlife Commission appropriates scholarship funds for qualified Sonoma County residents enrolled in a California Jr. College or University pursuing studies related to wildlife conservation, resource conservation/restoration, fisheries or other biology or oceanography. See Scholarships Page for scholarship application and instructions.