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Water Heater Guidelines and Worksheet

If more than one water heater is proposed for the facility, please identify the units and connections. All approved plans are stamped with the Minimum Requirements for tank style gas, tank style electric, and instantaneous water heater units.

Sizing Requirements for Storage Water Heaters

Note: these sizing requirements do not apply to instantaneous, or on-demand, water heaters.

Food facilities with multi service eating utensils, heavy use (serving 3 meals a day) 100% GPH required
Food facilities with multi service eating utensils, moderate use 90% GPH required
Food facilities with single-service eating utensils, or don't use utensils at all 80% GPH required
Food facilities that sell only prepackaged foods A water heater with a minimum storage capacity of 10 gallons

Instantaneous, or On-demand, Water Heater Sizing Requirements

Instantaneous water heaters must be sized to provide hot water at a 60 degree rise at 120°F and at a rate of at least 2 GPM to each sink. Hand sinks must receive at least ½ GPM.

NSF listings are used to determine the minimum GPM hot water demand for commercial dishwashers. Refer to the instantaneous water heater unit manual to verify sizing.

For additional information on sizing and installation of water heaters, see Guidelines for Sizing Water Heaters.