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Mobile Food Facilities

Approved plans and a valid health permit is required before operation. See below on how to obtain a mobile food permit.

  • Before purchasing a Mobile Food Facility, contact  Environmental Health at (707) 565-6565  to ensure it meets current food code requirements. 

You need a mobile food facility permit if:

  • You are proposing to sell or distribute food from a vehicle or cart and prepare food at a commissary or other permanent food facility.

If you will only be operating in conjunction with a community event such as a farmers market then you need a temporary food facility permit.

Who Needs a Mobile Food Facility Permit?

Types of mobile food facilities include trucks, trailers and or carts, examples include:

How to Obtain a Mobile Permit

Mobile Food Facilities with Approved Plans and Renewals

If you have approved plans or need a renewal please visit our Mobile Food Permit page