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Inspection Results

Enter the facility name and click the "search" button to see a list of matching businesses. You may also add the street name or city to further limit the search results. A search may also be performed by street name, city, or zip code, or any combination of fields. Please note inspection reports take at least 72 hours to appear on the website.

To search:

  • Select the program you’d like to search for from the Search Type drop-down field.
  • Enter the first few letters of the Facility Name -OR- Street Name into the fields under the Search Type . The search will find any listings containing your entry.
    • Use an asterisk (*) at the beginning and end of a search term if you want to search using only a part of a word, phrase or address.
  • Spaces on the left side of the field will not be included in the search criteria.

Search for food facility inspection results here: