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Department of Health Services

Behavioral Health Division

Suicide / Overdose Attempt

  1. My name is (name).
  2. I'm calling from (location address).
  3. My family member's/loved one's (name, age, phone number and address).
  4. He/She has a mental health condition. He/She is diagnosed with (diagnosis).
  5. He/She has attempted suicide:
    1. If Pills: He/She took (kind of pill) in the amount of (quantity and dosage of pills) and they were taken at (time/date).
    2. If Weapon: He /She has (type of weapon) and it is (location of weapon).
  6. The last contact I had with He/She was at (time/date), by (phone or in person) and contact was made by (you or family member/loved one).
  7. He/She lives with (name of person[s] or alone).
  8. He/She has a previous history of suicide attempts and in the past they (method used).
  9. He/She has (list other physical or health issues).

Dispatcher will want to keep the caller on the line in case responding officers/deputies have any further questions.