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Department of Health Services

Behavioral Health Division

SWITS Support


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We are committed to quality data management regarding our clients and our system of care. Sonoma WITS (SWITS) is a web-based solution specifically designed to meet the data management needs of our substance use disorder programs, our contract providers, and the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.

SWITS is used to track individual client progress, monitor and evaluate business processes, maintain compliance with regulations, collect and produce quality reporting information, and increase both efficiency and effectiveness throughout our system of care.


The SWITS training Site is designed to provide a secure area for staff to experience SWITS and learn how to use the application without being afraid to make errors or impact live data. Entries made in the training site do not impact the live SWITS site. It is also used to test new versions of the application as they become available. For access to the site, please contact your supervisor.

Please use the site respectfully. as other users will be able to view your entries. 


Please contact SWITS support by email at: