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Community Development Commission

Tierra de Rosas


The Sonoma County Community Development Commission acquired the Roseland Village Shopping Center property in 2011 using local redevelopment funds. The goal was to develop a mixed-use project, one that would include affordable and market rate housing, and public-serving areas and uses in the Roseland neighborhood of Santa Rosa. Tierra de Rosas refers to the infrastructure components of the project that will quite literally pave the way for the subsequent development of 75 affordable housing units, 100 market rate units, a one-acre public plaza, a Mercado Food Hall, and space for a 24,000-square-foot civic building.

Following remarkable progress to expand funding sources and reduce costs, the Community Development Commission is now ready to begin phases 1 and 2 of backbone infrastructure construction for the Tierra de Rosas Mixed-Use Development. Phase 3 of the project, expected to break ground in 2026, will install a one-acre public plaza.

Over the past year, the project’s design was refined and, in some cases, re-engineered to build out in three phases to save money and keep the Mitote Food Park in its current location leading up to the construction of phase 3. The Commission meets regularly with Mitote’s operators to plan for the future of the enterprise given its status as a temporary use on the footprint of the public plaza. The presence of the Mitote Food Park at the site has been extremely beneficial, and the Commission and community value its operators and rotating vendors.

Tierra de Rosas infrastructure phases 1 and 2 includes site clearing, grading, excavation and backfill; installation of a detention basin for stormwater capture system; installation of wet utilities; joint trench dry utilities installation and relocation; surface improvements; and landscape amenities.

Project Schedule

Work is scheduled to begin on or around June 3, 2024, with completion in summer 2026.

Construction milestones include:

  • Contract execution: May 2024
  • Commencement of infrastructure work: June 2024
  • Substantial completion of phase 1 backbone infrastructure: February 2026
  • Commencement of phase 2 backbone infrastructure: March 2025
  • Substantial completion of phase 2 backbone infrastructure: July 2026

Project Footprint and Temporary Access During Construction

Construction activity will be confined to the project area on the west and north sides of the Mitote Food Park. West Avenue is within the construction footprint. Temporary access to parking will be available immediately east of the Mitote Food Park (see blue arrow). The red shaded area on the map below approximates the location of temporary fencing to ensure public safety and security.