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Community Development Commission

Request for Proposals for Accessibility Evaluation and Project Plan

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The Sonoma County Community Development Commission (CDC) provides various types of housing assistance to low‐and moderate‐income households and desires to ensure that its physical office space is fully accessible to all members of the public. As a recipient of federal funds, CDC is bound by all federal civil rights laws, including the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act. CDC leases its office space in Coddingtown Business Park, and intends to work with the property owner and the selected proposer to develop a plan that is fully compliant with all federal laws and corrects current deficiencies identified by CDC that inhibit its ability to fully serve all people.

Scope of Services

  1. Review CDC's existing assessment of limitations to full accessibility
  2. Conduct a complete site evaluation to confirm all necessary improvements and physical changes required to render the property fully accessible, including building improvements, furniture, fixtures, and signage available to and necessary for members of the public
  3. Identify accommodations that can be provided to assist people prior to implementation of needed changes
  4. Recommend permanent accommodations that may be necessary for some members of the public after improvements are made
  5. Develop a preliminary budget, schedule, and process which CDC can use to implement recommended changes and improvements that will remove existing barriers to physical and language accessibility
  6. Provide a full written report of all findings and recommendations no later than October 21, 2019

Submission Requirements

General Instructions:

To receive consideration, proposals shall be made in accordance with the following general instructions:

  1. The proposer must have the ability to be present for the pre‐bid conference and facility walkthrough
  2. The completed proposal shall be submitted electronically.
  3. No oral or telephonic proposals will be considered.
  4. The submission of a proposal shall be an indication that the proposer has investigated and satisfied him/herself as to the conditions to be encountered, the character, quality and scope of the work to be performed, and the requirements of the CDC, including all terms and conditions contained within this RFP.

Proposal Format and Contents:

For ease of review and to facilitate evaluation, the proposals for this project should be organized and presented in the order requested as follows:

Section I: Qualifications and Experience:

  • Provide specific information in this section concerning the firm's experience in the services specified in this RFP. Examples of completed projects, as current as possible, should be submitted, as appropriate. References are required. Please provide names, addresses, and telephone numbers of contact persons within three (3) client agencies for whom similar services have been provided
  • Debarment or Other Disqualification ‐Proposer must disclose any debarment or other disqualification as a vendor for any federal, state, or local entities. Proposer must describe the nature of the debarment/disqualification, including where and how to find such detailed information.

    Section II: Project Approach and Work Schedule

  • Provide a description of the methodology developed to perform all required services, with an aggressive schedule that will complete the project December 18, 2019 if possible. This schedule should contain specific milestones and dates of completion which will be used to set schedules. Also identify the extent of CDC personnel involvement deemed necessary, including key decision points at each stage of the project. Information as to the type of any software that is anticipated to be used in the planning process should also be discussed.
  • Include your response to the Scope of Work as referenced above.

    Section III: Cost of Service

    The proposal shall clearly state ALL of the costs associated with the project.

Section IV: Insurance

The selected proposer will be required to submit and comply with all insurance as described in the attached Sample Insurance Agreement (Attachment B) or identify specific exceptions to the sample agreement.

Section V: Additional Information

Include any other information you believe to be pertinent but not required.

Section VI: Contract Terms

Proposers must include a statement acknowledging their willingness to accept the sample contract terms (Attachment A in RFP) or identify specific exceptions to the sample agreement.


Date Event 
7/23/2019 Release Request for Proposals 
8/5/2019 Pre-Bid Conference and Walk-Through 
8/16/2019 Deadline for Proposer's Questions  
8/23/2019 CDC's Responses to Questions Due 
8/26/2019Proposals Due 
9/3/2019Proposals Evaluated by CDC 
9/10/2019 Interviews Conducted 
9/20/2019 Notice of Intent to Award (subject to delay without notice to proposers) 
10/31/2019 Provide a draft report of all findings and recommendations for review and discussion with CDC 
12/18/2019 Final Transition Plan Due