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5-1 Vehicle Use - Take Home Vehicles

General Services 750

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Approved: Board of Supervisors August 23, 2003
Authority: County Administrator
Resolution: 03-1000
Revised Date: July 27, 2004

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Section II, 6: Policy, Take Home Vehicles

  1. Definition:  A take home assignment would be considered regular or seasonal if an employee normally uses the vehicle to drive to and from their normal work assignment from their primary residence.
  2. Authorized Assignment: Take home vehicle assignments are to be limited to those staff engaged in immediate, first line, emergency response for critical services or when a take home vehicle assignment results in an economy and/or efficiency that is in the best interest of the County.
  3. Response for Critical Services:  An “emergency response for a critical services,” is defined as a limited first line staff response, which must be provided in order to prevent exposure to danger, chance of injury or destruction of County facilities.
  4. First Line Emergency Staff:  Emergency responses will be limited to only those staff that must respond by going directly to the point of an emergency occurrence. All other emergency backup staff will be dispatched through the normal process.
  5. “In the best interest of the County” is defined as, those vehicle assignments that are cost effective to the County, enhance service to the public, and better provide for public safety and can stand the test of public scrutiny.
  6. Department Head Authorization: Take home vehicle assignments that are determined to be in the best interest of the County shall be based on the judgment of the department head.
  7. Reporting:  Department heads are directed to submit a list annually, during budget, to the County Administrator identifying and justifying those assigned take home vehicles that meet the criteria established above. The County Administrator’s Office shall review each list for consistency with the Board’s Policy.
  8. Intermittent Take Home Vehicle:  Intermittent take home vehicle assignments shall be approved by the department head, in writing, on a case by case basis. Intermittent take home vehicle assignment is the overnight garaging of a County vehicle on an intermittent or other than normal basis.