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5-3 Public Art Policy -Section V. Mounting or Installation Guidelines

County Administrator's Office

  •  Artwork must have wire hangers or other applicable hanging fixtures which will work with the County's hanging display system.
  • Artists must supply their own easels or display stands for free standing art.
  • No artwork shall be placed is such a manner or location that it creates a safety or security concern for employees and visitors of the County facility.
  • Unless stated differently in the art installation agreement, the County is solely responsible for mounting/securing and removing the artwork (artist, or their representative, should be present).
  • All artwork is to be hung or set up, and taken down as established within the installation agreement but in no case shall artwork be installed, set-up and removed without advance 48 hour notice being provided to the County (General Services Director).
  • Requester or artist shall be present during installation and removal of Artwork.
  • County is not responsible for design, engineering, permitting and/or cost associated with modifications or changes to existing facilities required to safely secure displayed Artwork.