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6-3 Temporary Transitional Duty - Section V: Dispute Resolution

Human Resources Disability Management 750

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Approved: County Administrator
Authority: County Administrator
Revised Date: January 20, 2006

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V. Dispute Resolution

In the case of disputes regarding the denial of a temporary transitional duty assignment or the denial of an extension of a transitional duty assignment the employee or department may:

  • Elevate the dispute by requesting a meeting that includes the employee, an employee representative and the department in an effort to resolve the dispute. 
  • Elevate the dispute by requesting the Human Resources Director to assist in the resolution of any disputes.  
  • Elevate the dispute to the attention of the CAO or his or her designee by requesting that the Human Resources Director contact the CAO or his or her designee for a review where a resolution cannot be reached.  The CAO or his or her designee will be the final internal administrative review.  The denial of a transitional duty assignment is not covered by grievance procedures in the memoranda of understanding between the County and the employee organizations.

This dispute resolution process is not intended to eliminate any legal or contractual rights the employee may otherwise have, such as the ability to file a discrimination complaint if they believe the application of this policy has been influenced by discriminatory actions, or appeal processes they have a right to under workers’ compensation laws.

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