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5-3 Public Art Policy -Section III. Art Advisory Committee

County Administrator's Office

The Board of Supervisors shall establish an Art Advisory Committee.

  • Duties
    • To review periodically, proposals for displays of original art which have not been solicited by the County or part of an exclusive license or other agreement , and to ensure that original art displayed in the County is of high quality.
    • To advise the department head, general manager, or executive director of the County department or agency normally responsible over the area in which the artwork will be displayed relate to purchase or selection of permanent, original art as requested.
  • Composition and Terms
    • The committee shall consist of:
      • Five members of the community who are knowledgeable in the field of art and who are appointed by the Board for staggered three-year terms. The General Services director will appoint one nonvoting staff member to serve as a liaison to the committee. Current County staff members are not eligible for Board appointment to the Committee. Art Advisory Committee members may not serve more than two consecutive terms.
      • All recommendations will be approved by the County Administrator, who may delegate this authority to the General Services Director.
  • Meetings
    • The Committee will meet as needed to review and determine what artwork will be displayed (including a mandated annual meeting).
    • Meeting notice shall be sent to Committee members two weeks in advance of scheduled meeting(s).
    • The Committee will apply uniform standards in making its determinations. If the committee does not approve of any specific art work on the basis of its art form, information or content, such restrictions must be uniformly applied regardless of what viewpoint is expressed.
    • Any decision related to the display of artwork and location must be approved by the general management of the County department or agency normally responsible over the area being considered:
    • Members who miss more than two meetings in a twelve month period can be removed by the County Administrator and/or General Services Director and a replacement named by the Board