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4-13 Telework Policy Manual - Section V: Responsibilities

Human Resources Department

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Approved: Board of Supervisors
Authority: Human Resources
Date: May 3, 2022

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V. Responsibilities

  1. Department Heads (or designee):
    1. Evaluate and determine which positions are eligible to telework including the amount of allowable telework.
    2. Ensure managers and supervisors are advised of the Telework Policy and the use of Telework Agreements.
    3. Ensure employees who have submitted a telework request receive notification of approval/denial within 10 County business days. Ensure managers and supervisors are appropriately communicating with teleworking employees and supervising remote employees and work.
    4. Ensure that telework arrangements are not negatively impacting operations and services standards.
    5. Follow the policy guidance, protocols and all local, state and/or federal regulatory guidelines during regular operations and emergencies when considering Telework Agreements.
    6. Ensure there are internal processes that maintain copies of all signed Telework Agreements in Personnel Files and ensure effective dates are current.
    7. Submit reports to the County Administrator and Human Resources Director as requested to review telework usage.
  2. Supervisors/Managers:
    1. Review Telework Agreement requests submitted by employees.
    2. Review department operations and identify job duties where telework will be successful to be able to make recommendations to the department head/designee.
    3. Submit Telework requests to the department head/designee, if required by departmental procedure.
    4. For approved telework arrangements, review the Telework Policy and Agreement with the employee.
    5. Ensure telework hours are recorded accurately on employee timecards.
    6. Ensure regular communication and support for teleworkers, to maintain an engaged direct report/supervisory relationship.
    7. Provide performance expectations for the teleworker, such as specific assignments and corresponding deadlines and ensure performance expectations and standards are maintained.
    8. Periodically review the telework arrangement with the employee and affirm its efficacy.
    9. Coordinate with department IT and other staff regarding approved system and equipment needs.
  3. Employees:
    1. If desired, request a telework arrangement to their department head/designee.
    2. If a telework arrangement is approved, complete, sign and adhere to the Telework Agreement and adhere to all Telework Policy provisions.
    3. Employees must record and report all of their time accurately on their timecard, including using “Telework” coding.
    4. Notify their supervisor as soon as possible if the employee experiences constraints that impact their ability to telework such as power/technology failure and make other work arrangements to continue working.
    5. Employee is required to follow all County and Department rules, policies and procedures, including the County’s Information Technology Use and Security Policy, and position related legal and confidentiality requirement, etc.
    6. Maintain work performance standards including maintaining professionalism during communications and meetings and keeping interruptions to a minimum.
    7. Tax implications related to the home workspace are the responsibility of the employee.
    8. Employee will manage dependent care and/ or personal responsibilities in a manner that allows them to successfully fulfill job responsibilities.
    9. Not hold in person meetings if the teleworking work site is a residence.
    10. Employee will ensure that confidential information is kept in a secure manner and is not accessible by others.

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