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Project Budget Policy

Project Budget is typically meant to pay for a total, completed Project that meets the Project’s goals and objectives, and can include the following:

  1. Real Property and Building Fixtures:  Project Budgets pay for the purchase, construction and/or installation of all Real Property and Building Fixtures.
  2. Trade Fixtures and Personal Property:  Project Budgets may also pay for Trade Fixtures and Personal Property when the item needs to be controlled or coordinated with the main Project, or is necessary as a part of the total Project (see attached Allocation of Furniture and Equipment Costs matrix). Even if the Project Budget initially purchases Trade Fixtures or Personal Property, the responsibility for maintenance, operation and replacement of the item is described under Asset Responsibility Policy below. Project Budgets may pay for Trade Fixtures or Personal Property for the following reasons:
    1. The item must be closely coordinated with construction such as modular workstations, built-in fixtures, conduit or wiring.
    2. The item is normally provided and installed by the general contractor, such as lockers.
    3. The item must be closely coordinated with the purchase and installation of a larger furniture and equipment package.
    4. The item must integrate with building systems such as security and access control systems.
    5. Control of the item is necessary for the overall esthetics of the project, such as furniture and window coverings
  3. Services:  Project Budgets pay for all consultant and professional services required to design, manage, control and complete the project. These services include architects, cost estimators, engineers, project management, testing and inspection, and others. Occupying Department staff time spent related to the project is not paid by the project budget.
  4. Moving and Relocation:  Project Budgets pay for moving and relocating tangible items as required by the project including existing furniture, equipment, telephone/data equipment, and other Personal Property. Project Budgets do not pay for other costs associated with relocation including change of stationery, notification to clients, newspaper ads, etc.
  5. Budget Constraints:  What is included in specific Capital Project Budgets may differ due to budget constraints, funding source requirements or management decisions.
  6. Use of Fund Balance:  At the completion of a project any unused funds from the Project Budget will be returned to the original funding source. If the original funding source is the General Fund, the unused fund balance may be used for other Capital Projects based on their priority, with approval of the County Administrator.

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