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4-13 Telework Policy Manual - Section III: Policy Guidelines and Procedures

Human Resources Department

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Approved: Board of Supervisors
Authority: Human Resources
Date: May 3, 2022

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III. Policy Guidelines and Procedures

Employees must have an approved Telework Agreement authorizing a telework arrangement. A Telework Agreement defines a cooperative arrangement between the Department and an employee. Department heads/designee(s) may assign and authorize Telework Agreements consistent with the eligibility criteria outlined in Section 2. of this policy using the Telework Agreement form. Approved, signed Telework Agreements are to be filed in the employee’s Personnel File.

Departments may implement detailed procedures depending on their operations and Department Heads may assign designees to approve telework requests. Recommended procedures include:

  1. Employee submits telework request to supervisor/immediate manager.
  2. Supervisor/immediate manager reviews and considers request, and makes recommendation to department head, if required by departmental procedures.
  3. Department head/designee, or supervisor/immediate manager reviews request and: approves, denies, or asks for modifications to the request.
    1. Employee is advised of the decision
    2. If the request is denied, a verbal or written explanation is provided.
    3. Employee may request a secondary review per Section 2, C.
  4. If telework request is approved, a Telework Agreement is completed and signed, a copy is provided to the employee, and the original is filed in the employee personnel file.

Employees who are approved to telework for 50% or more of their regular bi-weekly work schedule may be required to share work space and/or equipment, or work in a designated shared desk (known as “hoteling” or “hot desk” location) at the department heads discretion. Employees will be given at least 10 County business days’ notice prior to moving to a shared workspace.

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